Approach Anxiety Meets Tinder

I was looking longingly at my Tinder matches yesterday and realized there was a certain pattern going on with the men with which I’d matched:



As you can see…NONE OF THEM have spoken to me since we matched on May 7th…

Did I do something wrong?

Do I have something on my face?

Are we fighting?

And if so…am I LOSING?!


Mind you, if you’re not quite privy to Tinder…you can’t EVEN message somebody unless you both have a mutual like for the other based on each other’s pictures.

So we’re both OBVI into each other right?!

So why aren’t they talking to me?

I decide to play the other side and nagged my friend JD for his phone to message all HIS matches.

And sure enough, I log into his Tinder account to find that there are at LEAST 12 girls he had matched with…but had yet to respond to…



So I casually make my way down the list starting with a girl he’d matched with about 10 days ago…

And I say something like, “You like to travel and safe lives?  You sound like Batman”

After sifting through girls that I think he’d go absolutely BANANAS over vs. girls he wouldn’t be excited to meet in person, I manage to send about 10 messages out in the 10 minutes while we wait for Game of Thrones to start.

By the time Game of Thrones starts…ask me how many girls messaged back.

ASK ME!!!!!!!

OK fine I’ll tell you…

By the time Game of Thrones starts 10 minutes after I’d started messaging these girls, 8 had responded back.




Eight divided by two…ten divided by two…

THAT’S 4/5 of the girls I messaged!

And JD was WAY MORE THAN HAPPY to continue talking to every single one of them.

(SO happy that this dude BARELY paid attention to quite possibly the GREATEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON because he was so busy messaging back all these girls…BOOOOOOO!)

So why the hell are YOU not “approaching” your Tinder matches?


“Oh well what am I gonna say?” or “She doesn’t have anything for me to go off in her profile…”

Are those some of your excuses?

Find Out Exactly What To Say To Get Her Immediately Interested Now

Here’s the thing…us ladies WANT YOU to want us!

And on Tinder…we ALREADY want YOU!

If you’re sitting around, interested in her, and waiting for the “perfect thing to say,” it’s never gonna happen.

JD was fortunate enough to get that many responses after having not messaged those girls for that long…but the longer you wait…

The better the chance of some OTHER GUY coming in and getting your girl.

But it’s not enough to just message them…

(YES that’s the catch OK?!  Ya got me)

While it would be really easy for you to go ahead and send the same “copy & paste” message to all of your matches…

We’re gonna know…and we’re gonna ignore you.

Women wanna feel SPECIAL…ESPECIALLY in a space where we KNOW how easy it is for us to disappear into the masses of other “fish in the sea.”

So make sure you find out what it takes to get her immediately hooked and interested in you…so you can get her OFF your freakin phone already and into your…


And message her NOW before it’s too late…

We’re waiting for you 😉