Get Hard and Stay Harder (For Longer, Hotter Nights)

OK let’s be real for a second…

As a chick…I will NEVER be able to give you tips on how to get hard and stay ROCK HARD for us ladies.

Sorry to break it to ya =(

HOWEVER, I HAVE found someone who can give you all the ins and outs on how and WHY it’s important for you AND your confidence levels to be able to send your rocket in and out of our solar systems at full throttle every time.

As you heard Adam say, getting and staying hard isn’t just an “older guy thing” anymore…

And even if it ISN’T an issue…us ladies go f*ckin NUTS over the guy that can f*ck is with that raw intensity and carnal confidence that makes us scream and beg for you and ONLY you.

So don’t forget to check out Adam’s ‘Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula‘ and don’t forget to write back with ALLLLL the dirty details once you do 😉

The Ol’ College Try, Part I


The Pretty One is a bro of mine.

No seriously he quite literally is a frat guy friend from college.

I don’t hook up with my guy friends.

In fact if I classify you as my friend it’s because I FULLY BELIEVE to the extent of my understanding that you DO NOT HAVE a penis.

It’s just a non-entity.

(The peen, not you)


So when The Pretty One messages me on Facebook with, “Guess who’s in LA again!”…I think nothing more than WOOOO!! PARTY TIME!



We knew each other in college…barely.

I MIGHT’ve messed around with his best friend…barely.

I at least went streaking in front of him…entirely.

(In front of the best friend that is)

But that’s it!

He’s still living in Jersey but in LA all the time AND we’ve been outa school for forever.

He hits me up every time he’s out here…

And we always miss each other.

Not tonight though!

I text him:

Heyyyy meet me at Rusty Mullet on Las Palmas and Hollywood
I get off at 10 I’ll walk over as soon as I’m done!!

He says k see ya there!

I wonder if I should dress up…throw on something slutty, ya know?

He IS a dude still and I always aim to visually please the penis-posessing species.

At 10, I check myself in the mirror and think, “Naaaaaaa…!” as I smooth out my one-piece white jump suit and throw on a pair of heels.

Tonight I’m a bro…and bros don’t show their boobs and butts to other bros.

I’m pretty sure that’s written somewhere.


Walking into Rusty Mullet, I take a seat at the nearly empty bar to order myself a Vodka Gimlet…when I remember that I usually only drink for Business, Birthdays, and Breakups…

Fuck…looks like I’m adding “Bros” to the list.


I get my drink when the guy to my right turns slightly to his left and asks me, “So ya come here often?”

I still can’t believe I get this question.

“Where do you live?”

“What do you like to do for fun?”


I snicker, shake my head and get a little smart with my few sips of my drink, “What do I do for fun…let’s be real man…you don’t care.”

“I CARE!” he insists.

I laugh and lighten up a bit…”I hang out at this lovely establishment to talk to fine gentlemen like yourself…THAT’S what I do for fun” hoping to ease some of the tension with some slight sarcasm and a wink.


He must see this as my agreeing to his peen in my vageen because he follows with,
“So ya wanna fuck?”

My mouth drops.


“No. No I do not want to fuck” is all I can muster as I stare him dead in his eyes while shaking my head, sipping my drink harder with haste.

He shrugs, “Ya never know unless ya ask, right?”

I shrug back.

The man has a point.

I whip out my phone to text The Pretty One: Omg save me hurry…

I put my phone away and guy next to me asks, “You texting your boyfriend?”

I snicker again, “No…he’s not my boyfriend..he’s just a friend.”

He snickers back, “Well you’re totally fucking tonight.”

I shoot him a look…who the hell says that?!

“No we’re not! We haven’t seen each other since college…we’re just catching up!” I insist.

“Pfft…right…you’re totally fucking.”

I think to myself, “Of COURSE this is happening to me!” and excuse myself to the bathroom to instead wait by the door for The Pretty One when I see him walking up.

I can’t tell you how excited I get to see Jersey people in LA…

It’s like…seeing the ice cream man when it’s still below 70 degrees out…

Like AAAAAAAHHHH omgaaaah! I can’t believe you’re HEERRE!!! IT’S PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!


He walks in and we both smile wide while screaming, “AAAHHHH!!!!!!” making no apologies for our loud Jersey gestures and jumping up and down in an embraced excitement.

Still as pretty as ever with his short curly hair and long eyelashes and still holding my waist, The Pretty One asks, “OK what’s going on…we staying here or are we bouncing?”

Drink still in hand, I demand we stay til I at least finish.

He one-ups me and demands we stay til we’ve at least had SHOTS.

I breathe deep.

“Bro…you’re on!”

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Approach Anxiety Meets Tinder


I was looking longingly at my Tinder matches yesterday and realized there was a certain pattern going on with the men with which I’d matched:



As you can see…NONE OF THEM have spoken to me since we matched on May 7th…

Did I do something wrong?

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15 Dating Lessons From Game of Thrones


This blog post obviously won’t resonate with you if you’re not as nerdy and into HBO fantasy fiction as I am (hehe GUILTY!)

So I recently became OBSESSED with Game of Thrones…quite late in the game to be honest.

And by obsessed I mean I set aside exactly 4 days to binge and cry over every single episode one after the other from Season 1 all the way to Season 4 (must EVERYONE I LOVE DIE?!?!?!?!!!?).

Which leaves me to realize that there are WAAAAAY too many dating lessons in this show to NOT share with you!

So here are some of the more poignant life lessons to take away from Game of Thrones.

Make sure you commit these to memory because you don’t wanna be a Jon Snow when it comes to women and dating 😉

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We Want You To Want Us (We NEED You To Need Us!)


4 – The number of hours my cousin and I spent shopping for clothes, makeup, and new Victoria’s Secret panties.

5 – The number of hours my cousin and I spent getting ready and putting on new clothes, makeup, and new Victoria’s Secret panties.

3 – The number of hours spent taking selfies and trying to figure out where our fine fuckin selves were gonna head out to tonight.

2 – The number of hours we spent yelling at my little sister to finish getting ready since she just got here

1/2 – The number of hours spent now adding HER to the selfie mix

1/2 – The number of hours it took for us to finally get to the bar/club.

3 – The number of hours we spent at the bar….


0 – The number of guys that came up and talked to us.

*insert cries of desperation and heartbreak here*

Go talk to her.


Please do.

Girls don’t put in all that time and effort just to be ignored.

We want you to want us…and we want you to TELL US you want us.

So go tell her…

For our sake.

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4 Reasons To Go After “The One Who Got Away”


About 10 years ago I had a night of HOT, UNRELENTING passion with a guy I’d met maybe once a week prior.

He did one of my tattoos and I was so smitten with him I came back the very next day to have him do another one…

Right next to my vagina.

(Hehe, what?)

He was 11 years older than me so I was very careful not to come off as too…young girl needy?

(You know the type!)

I ended up going to his place a couple days later with my lil chihuahua Lola and proceeded to get, what I’ll always remember, as the BEST HEAD OF MY LIFE.

After I left his place I ended up getting a call from my ex who I was still desperately pining over and, much to my current self’s dismay, we ended up getting back together.

Which, for me and my Passion Man, meant nothing would come of our night of hot and heavy head and romping.

I stopped answering his calls and texts…

He eventually deleted his MYSPACE (BAGH remember that?!)…

…and I basically just never saw or heard from him ever again.

And then…



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[VIDEO] How To Ask Her Out


Listen, I don’t wanna go on a “date.”

In fact, if you actually say the word “date” when it comes to going out with a woman…


In today’s video, Darren and I first go over the importance of eye contact…and how to ask a woman out in ways that gets her excited to say yes and see you.

Find Out How To Create Sparks on Any Date Now

The 6 Reasons You MUST Befriend Her Friends


Over the weekend I’m out with my friends, Sunny and Angel.

If you know anything about the 3 of us together, you should bear in mind that with the 3 of us ANYTHING can happen.

Sunny and Angel really like this guy for me?

Bye bitches.

Guy isn’t cute enough for Sunny and she, as usual, doesn’t have the heart to walk away from him?


There have been plenty of times when I’ve REALLY liked a guy…only to look back at these 2 shaking their heads and rolling their eyes hard enough to make me say, “Sorry gotta go NICE TO MEETCHA!”

On the OTHER hand, me and my girls have banned together at times to get our girl home with some dude we just met but REALLY REALLY like for her!

Regardless of the case, here are the 6 reasons you absolutely MUST befriend her friends if you wanna have her to yourself.

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[VIDEO] Blind Date, Anyone?


First of all, I don’t know how ANYONE can go on blind dates nowadays…

I have so many first dates admitting to Googling or Facebooking me before they meet me.

(I never do…I LOVE SURPRISES!!)

But if YOU went on a blind date…I’d HOPE it wouldn’t look like this lol…

Not sure if you know, BUT…

The 7 bitches I always refer to are actually all therapists (we met in grad school).

And Miss Independent aka Angel tagged me in this video today and I about died…

SO I THOUGHT I’D SHARE WITH YOU cuz this is exactly what me and MY friends would look like if you went on a blind date with any of us! =D

So if you’ve got any dates lined up for the weekend…I hope it looks nothing like THIS date here 😉

Find out how you can meet more women, get their numbers, and get them excited to see you again thereafter.

[VIDEO] “How Important Is Masculine Energy?” (WTF?)


My friend Darren and I got this question on our Ask Me Anything Series…

And uhh…

Frankly we don’t know what the hell that means.

If you’re a guy that’s getting caught up in words like, “Being grounded” and “Being confident”…but have no freakin clue what that means…


Find out what me and Darren have to say about getting the results you want without all that BS everyone else is telling you you need.