15 Dating Lessons From Game of Thrones

This blog post obviously won’t resonate with you if you’re not as nerdy and into HBO fantasy fiction as I am (hehe GUILTY!)

So I recently became OBSESSED with Game of Thrones…quite late in the game to be honest.

And by obsessed I mean I set aside exactly 4 days to binge and cry over every single episode one after the other from Season 1 all the way to Season 4 (must EVERYONE I LOVE DIE?!?!?!?!!!?).

Which leaves me to realize that there are WAAAAAY too many dating lessons in this show to NOT share with you!

So here are some of the more poignant life lessons to take away from Game of Thrones.

Make sure you commit these to memory because you don’t wanna be a Jon Snow when it comes to women and dating ūüėČ

1. If you don’t tell me how you feel, I’ll assume we’re just friends…then go have sex with a guy who CLEARLY wants me.


2. You don’t have to be tall or smolderingly good looking in order to get mad bitches.


3. Sometimes the person you’re pining after isn’t all they’re cracked up to be.


4. True love requires work, learning each other’s love language, and saying what you want in the sack.


5. Doing whatever she wants isn’t gonna make her want you.


6. When a girl REALLY wants you, there’s no amount of logic or reason that can keep her from having you.


7. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hot she is, if she doesn’t do it for you she doesn’t do it for you…and that’s ok!



8. When you get a woman THAT HOOKED on you, she may resort to doing CRAZY ASS SHIT to be with you.

Use black magic they said...sacrifice a horse they said...you'll keep your man they said...

Use black magic they said…sacrifice a horse they said…it’ll totally get you your man…

9. There’s romantic creepy…and “Oh my God he’s gonna murder me” creepy…make sure you know the difference between both!


Gazing Lovingly At Her = Creepy


Threatening To Slit Best Friend’s Throat = Romantic


“I’m into it”

10. ¬†Hell hath no fury over a woman scorned…so be REAL WITH HER every single chance you can!


11. You can’t MAKE HER love and respect you…

12. So learn how to stand your ground¬†and put your foot down when you’re not ok with what she does…otherwise she’ll walk all over you and never respect you.



13.¬†Don’t let her use your own dick against you…or you will for sure LOSE IT.

14. Just because she’s gorgeous, smart, and determined in life does not mean she’s perfect and/or better than you in any way…”perfect looking” can still mean she’s bat shit crazy.


15. Even if you don’t know exactly what to say or exactly what type of guy she wants…make sure you know what COUNTS when it comes to getting the women YOU want.



When it comes to getting the women you want, the only thing that REALLY matters is putting yourself first.

Not every hot chick is gonna make the cut…and when you get one that DOES it doesn’t mean you have to succumb and submit to her every demands!

So make sure you find out what it really takes to make women want you and KEEP wanting you…cuz nothing’s worse than us ladies than dealing with a Jon Snow who knows nothing about what get and keeps us wet and wanting you.