How To Turn Her On (HINT: Doesn’t Involve A Shirtless Selfie)


The first one I got was back in 2011.

He was shirtless in a public bathroom with sunglasses on and a guy peeing in the background.


The last one I got was last night at 1:38 in the morning…

He was in his own bathroom.


I think not.

No clue what I’m talking about?

I’m talking about the shirtless, mirror selfie that guys are all getting way-too-addicted to these days.

Here’s the thing: If I sent you an uncensored shot of my bare chest or pussy…you’d probably get hard.

Simple cause and effect, right?

For any guy getting a picture of any girl.

HOWEVER, when YOU send US pictures of your bare chest and penis…we uhh….noooo…

We giggle and say, “What the fuck?  Why?”

(A lot of times I roll my eyes and then forward the pictures to my girlfriends in a mass text).

In FACT, as I’m writing this I just got sent a naked mirror selfie while said stud was cupping his cock.


I screamed out, “AAHHH OMGG!!!!” then threw my phone across the room like I’d just received herpes via text.

I am now picking up my phone to mass text it to my girlfriends.


Don’t get me wrong, if you work out and take care of yourself and think you look HOT then POWER TO YOU!

And YES you deserve to flaunt that hard body so PLEASE DO!

But if it’s your way of trying to get us turned on via text…

Eh…you’ll get laughed at, rather than laid.


Because what do you expect us to do after you send it?!

We won’t get immediately wet like you would get hard…and if we’re not getting turned on and we’re just looking at a picture you took of yourself and your half-naked body…

It’s like taking off your shirt in the middle of me telling you about my day…


Now, this isn’t to say that a girl your dating won’t WANT one of you…

Cuz I’ll be the first to say that I love bragging to my girlfriends when I’m dating a guy who could give Jason Statham a run for his money…

HOWEVER, if you’re doing it as a means to get her sexting you or turned on RIGHT NOW to come over.

You’re better off using your words.

It’s the reason women everywhere were all of a sudden fucking themselves to 50 Shades of Grey when they could easily just jump on Red Tube for a quick and easy porno.

Cuz getting us to THINK about you naked and on top of us is gonna get us much hotter than SHOWING US a picture of you half-naked.

Find Out How To Get Her Turned On With Your Words By Tonight

We want you to want us…and we got hot knowing what we do to you.

All a guy has to do is mention how much he loves my ass or hair and it gets my gears goin.


Because our biggest erogenous zone is our BRAIN…and the second you give us a starting point to work with is the second we’ll create our own erotic fantasy in our heads…

Starring YOU.

The only problem is, most dogs don’t have the balls to show a woman they want them OR they end up coming off as desperate and needy (neutered much?).

The key is to get on her good graces…get her feelin good…and then KAPOWWWW!!!!

It can take up to 30 seconds or 3 hours and you can do it even if she already seems like she’s not that into you.

Find Out How To Speak To Spark Her Arousal Now

So put the selfie stick down…tell her what you REALLY want…and get off your freakin phone to show her exactly what she’s gonna get IN REAL LIFE.

[VIDEO] “Chicks Don’t Dig Accents, I Know It!”


“What do you do if women don’t like foreign men?”

One of my clients asked me this the first time we spoke…

And I then asked him, “Are you fucking crazy?!”

Obviously this video and post won’t apply to you if you’re a regular, everyday, white guy who sounds like Ben Affleck.

BUT if you’re in the minority…then you’re in luck with this one.

Last week I posted a video I did with a good friend and dating coach of mine, Darren DJFuji.

And here’s another one we did where we address one reader’s concerns about how girls APPARENTLY don’t like foreign men or men with accents…


In this video, we go over two things we both here A LOT when it comes to dating and meeting women:

1. How to stand out with women when you’re the minority?

2. The importance of using what you’ve got

Watch the video below to find out what me and Darren have to say about getting more women into your life when the odds are seemingly stacked against you…and how to REALLY come across as the sexy mother fucker you already are 😉


5 Ways To Lose Her In The First 5 Minutes


I brought my gorgeous, 5’10, green-eyed, half-brown half-white, younger cousin Jessica out in West Hollywood this past weekend…

(Yes, we have the same name…don’t ask)

Here’s My Lil Miss Jessica below:

So….if you’re not familiar with West Hollywood, it’s the official Homo Hot Spot here in Los Angeles.

ALSO the area of town where NONE of my girlfriends enjoy going anymore because men ignore us like a pile of old sushi at a buffet.

Now, by the end of the night, Jessica and I are DYING for some male attention, mostly cuz not a single boy has given a flying FUCK about how cute we look in our outfits…and we look cute dammit!

The worst thing a girl can experience is putting on about $56 dollars worth of make-up, spending about 3 hours deciding between 8 different $300 outfits, then getting in her $180 shoes…only to get 0 looks and compliments for the night.


Suffice it to say, we are DESPERATE to talk to ANYONE (contrary to your possible belief, girls are dying for you to make them feel pretty at the bar).

We eventually spot this glasses-wearing, 5’8 buff boy that’s practically bursting from his tight t-shirt when he looks over at us and gives us a wink.

Jessica and I about die: If he’s straight we are DEVOURING him!

Again, we’re jonesing for an ego boost at this point…and if he’s cute, all the better.

And now…how you can lose a girl fast as hell within the first few minutes…

It doesn’t matter what you look like, how hot you think you are, or how desperate the girls are…

Because if you don’t know how to carry the first 5 minutes of conversation…she’ll for sure roll her eyes, turn around, and scream, “NEXT!!!!!!”

Which is exactly what Jessica and I end up doing to our Seemingly Sexy buff boy.

And here are the 5 ways you can be SURE to lose her within the first 5 minutes…and how to AVOID becoming just another sad story she shares with her girlfriends (or readers!):

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The 4 Reasons She’s Still Around But WON’T Put Out

Bad Date

Last night I get a Facebook message from a good friend of mine who’d just gotten home from a date…

He says, “AGAIN with this Cold Sore!”

I know exactly what he’s talking about before he explains, “I’ve been out on 4 dates already with this girl and I can’t go to kiss her cuz she’s got a cold sore…she says it might be shingles”


What he said next was what REALLY got me into a frenzy about girls who don’t put out AFTER FOUR FREAKIN DATES:

“On the way out from food and drink I said where’s your car, andshe said “We could go to your place and hang out and listen to music…it was like offering a thirsty man a nice glass of salt water in a wine glass!”


Now…one of the most confusing things for you must be when girls are still “around” (as in still going on dates with you, still texting you, still FLIRTING with you!)…but when the time comes to show you some love…

They’re quick to back out.

Women have sex and get sexual when we feel CONNECTED to you…and if we don’t…well…

Then we don’t put out.

Plain and simple we just might not be that into you.

So then you may ask, “Jessica why the hell are they still around then?!”

Well there’s 4 reasons as to why women would proceed to “lead you on” when really we have no plans of hopping into bed with you.

And once you know these reasons…you’ll definitely have a better picture of where you land…and where to go from here (which involves anywhere WITHOUT her).

1. “A Girl’s Gotta Eat!” – I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve accepted some dates for the sole purpose of having a free meal.

No I don’t go in EXPECTING for a man to pay…but in this day and age most men INSIST…and most women know this!

It’s not uncommon for girls to take advantage of the guys who are frivolously more than happy to pick up the tab for a meal or drinks…because let’s be real…a girl’s gotta eat.

And if she’s single, lonely, and can’t cook for shit…she’ll take a chance on you being the gentleman that you are to feed her.

How To Spot These Girls:

A good rule of thumb is to see if she reaches for her wallet when the check comes.

Maybe she did it the first date…and has never done it since.

If that’s the case, test her out on the second or third outing by saying, “Your turn!” when the check comes.  Depending on how appalled she looks, that’s when ya know this girl doesn’t have SHIT in her fridge and probably won’t so long as you keep taking her out!

Another thing to consider is her career: Can she AFFORD to take herself out as much as you do?

I used to use dates for meals when I was in grad school and, while I’m not proud of it, there would be times when I’d open the fridge, cringe, and immediately call up somebody I knew who was dying to take me out.

No need to play Captain Save a Ho here if you really like her and want her and she obviously has no intention of putting out…

What you NEED to do is get her seeing you as something OTHER than a means to an end…

She needs to want you for YOU and not just for what you can give her.

2. “Yay Someone Likes Me!” – Isn’t it great when you know someone likes you?

Even if you’re not into them, the ego boost can be quite addicting.

And girls are no different!

Sometimes, we get hooked on the feeling of you wanting us…and even if we don’t want you too, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want that feeling all the time!

Of course we may not necessarily like YOU…but we like that YOU really really really like US…soooooo…

What were you saying about my sexy outfit again?

How To Spot These Girls:

These girls are a lil tricky to spot (the ones using you for the ego boost) mostly because ALL girls you date will like the feeling of you wanting them.

The way to tell that you’re dating an Ego-centric lady is that she’ll RARELY make YOU the topic of conversation.

She won’t ask you questions…

She doesn’t care to comment on things about you…

She tunes out when you’re telling your own stories…

She has a habit of turning the conversation CONSTANTLY back to her.

If you’re noticing that the only thing she’s interested in is your attention and adoration…and REFUSES to give the same back to you…

Then make her WANT to give you something in return.

The way to do that is to get her actually interested in YOU…as opposed to interested in you being her personal cheerleader.

3. “There’s No One Else…” – Being single sometimes means being lonely…LET’S BE REAL!

I’m not gonna lie there are times when I pop on The Notebook with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s only to find myself in a puddle of tears and DESPERATION to have a man (ANY MAN) around RIGHT THIS SECOND.

Cuz really…once the movie’s over…I NEED SOMEONE TO HOLD ME!

And a lot of single girls who find themselves in this position are no different.

How To Spot Them:

These are a tough find but these girls usually  hit you up when there’s something that needs to be done…

Her dishwasher isn’t working…

Her car is making funny noises…

She can’t reach the tortilla chips on the top shelf (how’d she even get them up there then?!)…

Or she needs a MAN to make her feel like a WOMAN (cue my Notebook scene).

Whatever it is, these are women who don’t have OTHER men around to save them.

I once cut myself with a knife while chopping up carrots and, after all the bleeding had subsided and I was for sure not going to die, I called up my Dad to tell him…when he replied with, *cue Filipino accent* “DAT’S WHY YOU NEED A BOYPREN!  WATT IP YOU DIE?!  WHO WILL TELL US?!”

(Thanks, Daddy).

And some women will keep you around for this reason…

Because somebody will need to alert the authorities if she accidentally kills herself in her kitchen.

Truth is, you don’t want her around because she happens to have no other man…you want her to be around because there’s no other man she WANTS.

4. “I’ve Got Nothing Better To Do” – I dunno about you but I have a to-do list that I LIVE by.

I also work from home, all my closest friends live HOURS away, and I don’t have a 9-5.

So it’s not uncommon for me to have the most random down-times with absolutely NOTHING to do.

And for single girls out there who can’t seem to find anything enjoyable to do…THEY WILL CALL YOU UP TO HANG OUT.

Again, whether it’s because she wants to go out for a fancy meal…or maybe needs the ego boost…or maybe there isn’t anyone ELSE around to hang out with…

Whatever it is…YOU may be somebody on her list to relieve her of her boredom.

How To Spot These Girls:

These are the ones who barely have anything to say when you text them…

The ones that are difficult to get a hold of…

And the ones who take days or weeks to respond…

And when they DO respond it’s with something like, “Hey you 😉 what’s up I miss you!” or some other bullshit that refuses to acknowledge her shadiness or lack of response to your previous texts.

They’re also the girls who come out of nowhere, unprompted, asking what you’re up to and hoping that you’re free and ready to relieve them of their boredom, either by just texting them or by offering up something more exciting to do than sitting at home by herself.

These are the girls who leave you on the back burner for a rainy day because, at this point, they’re just not that into you.

Find Out How To Absolve Yourself of Flaky, Shady Girls By Sparking Arousal In Whoever You Want

Whatever the reason, if you have a girl on your hands who isn’t chomping at the bit to have you or immediately responding when you text her…

Chances are she’s got one of these 4 reasons to keep you around.

Mark my words, when a woman really wants you she sits by her phone and waits to see texts coming in from you.

When I REALLY REALLY like a guy, for as much as I DON’T wanna look desperate, I can’t stop myself from texting him or saying “YES!” when he wants to hang out…

And when he goes in to kiss me, you bet your ass I’ve been waiting and fantasizing about it for a long time at that point.

Women can’t help themselves when they actually want you!

It’s the reason we have reputations for being CRAZY when it comes to love…because when the love is ACTUALLY there…nothing can stop us from showing it.

So whatever you do, PLEASE don’t settle for a girl who keeps you around for an ego boost or means to relieve her boredom…

Because you deserve a girl who goes CRAZY over you, will gladly pay for YOUR meals, and would choose you first and always out of anybody or anything she’s got going on.

[VIDEO] “There’s No Girls In My Town” to “I’m Not Brad Pitt”


I recently starting doing this video Q&A’s with a good friend of mine who is ALSO a dating coach.

We argue and fight and bicker in our personal lives…and we realized this would make for a great “How To” video series in all things sex, dating, and relationships related =)

In this video, we go over two things we both here A LOT when it comes to dating and meeting women:

1. How can I meet girls when there ARE NONE in my town?

2. What do I do if I’m a bigger guy and don’t look like Brad Pitt?

Watch the video below to find out what me and Darren have to say about getting more women into your life when there seemingly AREN’T any…and how to REALLY come across as the sexy mother fucker you already are 😉


The 3 Things Every Woman Wants in A Man


I was at a nightclub in Downtown LA over the weekend, when this older, rather buff, suited gentleman comes sauntering over.

Looks-wise he made the cut.

Although I know better than to judge so soon.

He says to me, “Hi I’m Mike…you come here often?”


Everyone knows that’s such a lame thing to say, right?!

(Mostly because it’s out-dated)

I say no.

He says, “Well I do…I’m a pretty upscale guy so I appreciate coming to upscale places.”

I laugh out loud.

Is he serious?

He’s basically setting the scene to brag about himself…and I’m not impressed.

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“Fear Is The Mind-Killer” (And Female Repeller)



“Just go ahead and talk to her, so then maybe, maybe, she’ll talk back to you.  And you can smile.”

How To NOT Talk To A Girl In An Elevator (Or EVERRR!)


*Walking into my elevator to see a man already in there*

Man: How you doin today miss?

Me: *smiling politely* Fine thanks…and yourself? *now looking back down at my phone out of sheer HABIT, ok?!*

Man: *snickering* Well I’m doin REAL good now that I get to look at you…

Me: *eyes widening and laughing* Omg wow…

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It’s Not You, It’s US


I was at Murmur last night in Atlantic City.

I was at A NIGHTCLUB last night in New Jersey…


10882099_10104607697065029_1379982250689261876_n 10891955_10104607692374429_8895815223325490646_n
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“Be Anything BUT Yourself”

Marketing Expert 1: *lowering voice* Hey listen…you’re gonna have to tone yourself down a little bit if you’re gonna sell these guys on your coaching and stuff.

Me: *perplexed as to how I could POSSIBLY turn ma brown ass down* Uhh…what the fuck are you talking about?

Marketing Expert 2: THAT!  *as if catching a predator at a secluded mansion on the beach* That right there…the cursing…you can’t do that anymore.

Me: *not realizing I even cursed* WHY THE FUCK NOT?!

Marketing Expert 1: *scolding me like my Dad when I don’t eat rice* Well…ya know nobody will take you seriously if you talk like that!

Marketing Expert 2: *playing Good Cop* We get it…you’re from Jersey…and…maybe you can just…curse privately!

Me: *like a child hearing there’s no Santa Clause* Like…by myself in the shower and stuff?  So basically you’re saying…I shouldn’t…be myself…

Both: *quite seriously happy that I just understood their point* YES!

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